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Evan Griffiths

I was born on November 14th 1991 in Cambridge, England. I spent the first 2 years of my life living in Saudi Arabia (which is always a fantastic ice breaker). However my family returned home to Cambridge which is where I lived until I was 10 years old which is when my family and myself moved to the lovely countryside in a small village called Bury located in West Sussex. I am now currently based in Chichester. My long held passions in life are drawing, film, comics/graphic novels and football.

I have always had a very active imagination for as long as I can remember but my creativity when it came to art started off when I was young, around about 5 or 6 years old, thanks mainly to my obsession with comics such as 'The Beano' and 'The Dandy' and also with 'Sonic the Hedgehog' and the video game 'Pokemon'! I would collect the weekly issues of 'The Beano' and 'Dandy' along with 'Sonic The Comic' from the local Tescos and would love to have my own attempts at drawing pictures for the fan art sections. I even went so far as to creating my own 'Sonic' and 'Pokemon' Characters!! I would always enjoy the art lessons at primary school and would take a lot of pride in some of the art that I created, especially the ones put on show for the parents.

Fast forward the years to when I moved to Sussex with my family, I would often find myself with a lot of free time, (which is kind of expected when you move to the middle of nowhere!) luckily being surrounded by such beautiful scenery I wasn't far from inspirations for my next creative venture, whether it was drawing, photography or even coming up with little stories about my friend, my brother and myself. I even created my own comic book series!! I would also find myself spending time watching many films which developed myself into movie buff that I am today.

It wasn't until my time at Midhurst Grammar School where I considered heading into the direction of Graphic Design. This is where I had to spend 6 years dealing with some art teachers who were, let's say, "tough critics to please" and made me question whether I should pursue an artistic rout to my career at all. Fortunately I stuck to my guns and after studying my BTEC Level 2 in Visual Arts and discovery of Adobe Photoshop during the course that I decided to take the route of a Graphic Designer. After leaving 6th Form I enrolled on a 2 year BTEC Level 3 course in Graphic Design and Photography at Chichester College. During this course I developed a fondness and know-how into photography adding another valuable skill to my arsenal.

I spent a further 2 years studying for my HND in Graphic Design and Media Studies. during this course my fellow classmates and I established the 'Design Collective' where we were commissioned by departments from around the college to create and publish designs for them. There was also a requirement for work experience in order to pass the course, I did this at Roc Design, Arundel. As the name of the course suggest there was a few video projects involved. This was an area that I excelled at and thoroughly enjoyed and was determined to make a part of what I can do as a designer. I passed the course and graduated as Student of the year 2015. As a result I was able to get further work experience working with BCi Digital in Portsmouth and spending some time at Sky Studios.

In 2017 I started studying Digital Film Production at Chichester University to further my skills, with the aim of getting a job working in the film industry.


Over the three years spent at university, I gained plenty of valuable experience, working on productions with fellow students as well as figures within the industry. I was able to build relationships with my fellow students which eventually resulted in a group of us creating the production company Kind Of? Films, along with the first production under that name, AWAKE (2020).

However before that I worked as part of the camera team on the short film Anywhere By The Sea (2017), this was the first short film that I had ever worked on and it was an exciting experience.

In my second year I worked on a few more sets as well as the set of my own film, I worked as a marshal on the set of Blackbird (2019), this was my first time working on a professional set and it was great to see how everything works, it was amazing to be able to speak to real professionals about their work and my own goals.

Not long after that I worked on the set of The Source as part of the lighting team for a week and as part of the camera team for the second week of filming. Thee first week was an amazing experience as I got to work with legendary Gaffer Chuck Finch, who taught me so much in the little time spent with him.

At the end of my second year I made my director debut with the shot film Max Righteous: Super Commando (2019). The creation of this film was enjoyable as it was tricky as it was my first time directing, half of the film had to be shot in front of a green screen so I had to make sure my directions where clear to my actors.

During second year I also worked on other films: Tis The Season (2019) and Cupid is an Arsehole (2019), both as a 1st camera assistant.

Although not as prolific in my third year I, along with most of the team that worked on Max Righteous, created Kind Of? Films, a production company in which we planned to carry forward after our graduation. The first project of this company being our dissertation film AWAKE which is to be released later in 2020.



Awake poster.png
Director of Photography
May 2019
1st Camera Assistant
maxrighteousmovie Credits.png
May 2019
Director (Debut)
May 2019
1st Camera Assistant
April 2018
Camera Assistsant/Spark
April 2018
December 2017
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